South Simcoe Bassmasters

It's a Fishing Experience!

Nasty Ending of our Season...From the Weather!!!

To say the day was "NASTY" weather-wise....would be an understatement!!!
Even if it rained "SIDEWAYS" for most of the day...even the fish were feeling it, and didn't really want to come out and play!!!

Although Andrew M. & Travis W. did manage to find enough for the WIN!!! Weighing in 7.96 lbs. for thier limit of four well as securing the big smallie of the day at 3.00 lbs. even!! 

As this was Andrew's third WIN of the season....he locked down his first "AOY" award with the club!!!

Taking down second place was the team of Greg O. & Jason M. weighing 6.44 lbs. that also included the tournies Big Fish!!! A 3.52 lbs. Largie.

Rounding out the podium was the team of Ken P. & James S. weighing in 5.96 lbs.

A BIG Congratulations to all the winners!!! And also to everyone that braved the NASTY elements all day!!!


Sparrow Lake...Very Very Tight!!!

Almost all the Teams participating in this one were within a couple of pounds of each other.
The Team of Marc C. & Teddy G. managed to eeeek out the win by the slightest of margins, weighing in 10.74 lbs. limit of smallmoth, that did include the tournies biggest Smallie, coming in at 3.90 lbs.
Taking the runner-up spot was the Team of Greg O. & Lee M. weighing in 10.00 lbs. even, but did have the Big Fish of the tourny...a 4.94 lbs. Largie
And rounding out the podium was the Team of Warren C. & Travis W. coming in with 9.36 lbs. of smallies.

Lee M. with the Big Largie !!!

Greg O. Grabs Second WIN of The Season On L.O.B.!!!

Greg O. managed to secure his second WIN of the season with an impressive bag of FOUR Smallies weighing in at 11.22 lbs.

Taking down the "Runner Up" spot was the team of Andrew M. & Jarrett T. weighing in 9.58 lbs. That included the Tournies Big Largie at 3.38 lbs.

Rounding out the Money spots was the Team of Teddy G. & GCLisi weighing in 8.98 lbs.

The BIG BASS of the Tournie was weighed by the Team of Travis W. & James S. a 3.80 lbs. Smallie.

A LOT of Stories of LOST PSYHCO SMALLIES for this one...

Early Crispy Start!!!
Greg O. With a Couple of his "GOOD ONES"!!!

Teddy "Tames" Six Mile Lake !!!

Having his partner drop out almost "last minute" due to some tech issues with their car... didn't faze the "Old Wise One"!!!
As he's been fishing   in a "make-shift-rig" all season due to his own awaiting parts that seem to be on the "dreaded back-order-list" forever!!!
He hunkered down and weighed a very respectable 13.49 lbs. for the WIN !!!
That also included the Tournies Big Smallie!!!

Taking down the second spot was the team of Ken P. & Cole F. with 12.96 lbs. But also included a TOTAL TANK of a LARGIE weighing in at 6.74 lbs. It was also newcomer Cole's "Personal Best" !!! Always nice when that happens in a Tournie!!! And you get payed for it !!!

Rounding out the money was the team of Andrew M. & James S. weighing 11.44 lbs.

Teddy G. with a couple of his Winners!!!
Cole F. Holding a couple of TANKS!!! Including the 6.74 lbs, Largie!!!

Team "Mcallister" Crushes Tri-Lakes!!!

Club President Eric M. paired up with his son Craig for this event....and what an EVENT they made it!!!
Not only did they WIN IT OUTRIGHT!!! They did it in style!!! Averaging more than FOUR POUNDS!!! 
Weighing in their Monster Bag of 16.88 lbs. That also included the Tournies overall Big Fish....A MONSTER 6.08 lbs. SMALLIE as well as the Biggest Largie, that weighed in at 5.60 lbs. A Perfect Tri-Lakes Tri-Fecta!!!

Taking down the runner up spot was the team of Eugene F. & Cole F. weighing in 11.12 lbs.

And rounding out the payspots was the team Marco S. & Mark R. weighing in 9.88 lbs.

Eric M. With a Couple of GIANTS!!!
Craig M. with even more GIANTS!!!

Andrew M. Digs Up Some "Elusive" Parry Sound Largies!!!

This time partnerd up with Mark R. Andrew M. was able to scrounge up some very "Elusive" Parry Sound Largies for the WIN!!!

It was also...both his and his partners second victory of the season! Weighing in a very impressive FOUR FISH LIMIT of 15.55 lbs.

Taking down the runner up spot was the team of Jarrett T. & James S. weighing in 12.24 lbs.

And rounding out the podium was the team of Ken P. & Craig M. with 11.10 lbs.

The BIG FISH honours went to the team of Eric M. & Warren C. weighing a 4.74 lbs. Smallie.

Greg O. Tames Lake Muskoka!!! Yet Again!!!

Greg O. this time partnered up with Mark R. was again able to conquer Lake Muskoka!!!
Since we're now weighing in only FOUR FISH PER BOAT LIMITS.....their weigh-in fish were'nt nearly as dramatic as his last years bag....but none-the-less IMPRESSIVE!!!

One of only two boats to bring in a Largemouth on the fabled SMALLIE Fishery....they weighed 11.80 lbs. to take the WIN. As well as the Big Fish Prize of a Smallie weighing in at 4.06 lbs.

Less than a half poung behind was the Team of Ken P. & Travis W. who weighed a very nice bag of smallies for 11.46 lbs.

And rounding out the Top Three was the Team of Teddy G. & Jason M. who were just over a pound back with 10.34 lbs.

Congratulations to all the WINNERS !!!

 Club Classic!!! OFF With A Bang!!! On Georgian Bay!!!

We started our season off with a BANG on the waters of the Mighty Georgian Bay!!
Most had too first fight the "Parking Machine" as it seemed to work only intermittently!!!
And then due to the fishing regulations on "FMZ14" "3 Fish Limit Per Angler" We decided to make it a "3 FISH LIMIT for the Boat.

Great to see all the Teams came in with a Full Limit!!! As well as some very nice weights also graced our scales.

Taking the WIN was the Team of Andrew M. & Jason M. Weighing in 12.92lbs. bag of some VERY NICE LARGIES...that included the Tournies overall Big Fish... a 5.14 lbs. Largemouth!!!

The "runners up" Ken P. & Adam O....despite their terrible start with technical issues with their boat, that forced them to only use their Troll Motor to fish for the day....managed to find enough weight for well as grabbing the points for the biggest smallmouth of the day...weighed in a mixed bag of 10.82 lbs.

And rounding up the winners circle was the Team of Eugene F. & James S. also weighing in a mixed bag to claim third with 10.48 lbs. That included a 4.76 lbs. Largie !!!

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Andrew M. with a couple of their Nice Ones!!!
Jason M. with some of the winning fish!!!
Ken P. showing a couple of their Nice Ones!!!

Our Grand Prize Winner !!!

Janice L. of Bradford was our Grand Prize Winner on our "Basket of Bottles" Fundraiser for 2022. Lee M. presented her with her "goodies" She was extremely happy to have won it!!! Wishing her and her loved ones Good Times !!!

Spreading a Little Christmas Cheer !!!

We're all aware that at this special time of the year...not everyone is able to to feel or enjoy the season.
So we took up a collection from the membership of Non-perishable food items with the intent to help the "Helping Hand Food Bank" in we we were able to donate a small amount of cash to hopefully help out those less fortunate than ourselves.
In total we collected approximatley 100 lbs. of food, and a cheque for $550....hopefully making some peoples holidays a little brighter.


December is our Traditional Annual Awards Night presentations....
And even though COVID threw a pretty BIG wrench into our season...we were still able to get it done...following all the mandated federal, provincial and municipal regulations.
A BIG Congratulations to Greg O. as he not only wrapped up another AOY Title, but also walked away with the Heavyweight Largie of the year, and also the over all Heavyweight Bag of the year.

Ron & Jarrett T. took the Top "Father & Son" Team for a second season straight !!!
First year member James S. was able to bag the Heavyweight Smallie of the year !!!


In following the lead of Dr. Bruce Tufts from Queens University in Kingston Ontario, where he managed to present to the MNRF the merritts of going with a FOUR Fish Tournament Limit on parts of FMZ areas that cover both Lake Ontario and the St.Lawrence river...that by doing so would immediatley reduce the stressors of handling, transporting and weigh-ins on the fish by 20% right off the top!!!
Although we are a relativley small club...we believe "evry little bit" helps.
It will make for less fish handled...quicker weigh-in process...not as many fish in we consider it a WIN WIN WIN !!!
For both the anglers....and especially those little green and brown participants that we're so very passionate about.

Round # 8... Balsam Lake !!! (Last One of The Season)

Well, Well, Well....Certainly nothing wise.....if you guessed "Wind & Rain" Winner-Winner!!!
It seems as though Greg O. is part "Aqua-Man" he seems to accel at these wet weather he took yet another WIN....making it his fourth of the season!!! After a somewhat conspicuous start with boat/motor issues....he missed the next one....only to come on like "Gang-Busters" for the balance of the season to handily wrap up yet another Angler of The Year Title!!! He is known to advise competitors to be sure to bring their "A-Game". His winning weight was identical to his tournaments 17.01 lbs. also weighing the biggest largie of the day.
Taking second was the team of Richard & Quinton, who also weighed a mixed bag for 14.92 lbs.
And rounding out the podium was the team of Terry & Andrew...also weighing in a mixed bag at 11.49 lbs.
The overall Big Fish went to Teddy G. with a 3.95 lbs. Smallmouth

Round # 7... Lake Couchiching !!!

Well it seems as if "Wind & Rain" were our main competitors this they almost always showed up on Tournament Day!!!

Greg O. managed the conditions...and the lake to bring in a healthy mixed bag weighing in at 17.01 lbs. that included the days biggest Smallmouth...a 4,38 lbs. to take yet another WIN !!!

Taking down second spot was the team of Terry & Mark...also  weighing in a mixed bag that did include the BIG fish of the tournament, a 5,15 lbs. Largie!!!

Rounding out the podium was the team of Ken & Lee...who weighed in a respectable limit of smallies for 12.15 lbs.

Round # 6... Lake Simcoe !!!

Well "Lady Simcoe " was in one hell of a snarly mood!!! With reported 3-4ft. waves in Cook's Bay alone!!!
Although some of the teams did do the "daredevil" thing...and venture out to the main lake anyways.
But it seemed the bite was somewhat off all no 5 fish limits were weighed...but some very nice fish visited the scales regardless.
Taking the top spot was the team of James S. & Ethon....their first clut WIN!!! With an impressive weight of 11.92lbs. for only three fish...including the tournies Big Fish...a 4.61lbs, Smallmouth...and also the Bonus Bucks potion!!!
Coming in a close second....also with three smallies was Greg O. weighing 10.59lbs.
and rounding out the top three was Marc C. with two largies for 6.77lbs.

Round # 5... Georgian Bay !!!

Well the elements were at again on this very "blustery " day...
But some of the teams faired quite well...keeping in mind that this particular FMZ only has a 3 Fish Limit 
for Tournament applications.
Taking the top spot was the team of Jim C. & Joshua D. with a weight of 10.94lbs. for their 3 "BIG" Smallmouth well as the Bonus Bucks pot!!!
Taking down the second spot was the team of Terry C. & Travis with a very close weight of 9.49lbs. but all Largemouth...including the Tournies Big Fish, a 5.05lbs. Largie!!!
Rounding up the top three was the team of Andrew M. & Adam O. weighing a very close 10.38lbs. bag of Smallies.

Round # 4... Lake Muskoka !!!

It's a very interesting day on Lake Muskoka when your trying to NOT play TAG with torrential Downpours! The fishing was GREAT for some....and NOT so great for others.
Taking the top spot with an incredible bag weighing 21.58lbs. was Greg...and to make it even more impressive...4 of his fish were largemouth that almost weighed 19lbs.!!! He had a "token" 2.42lbs. smallie...because is Muskoka...renowned for it's mean smallmouth! He also took the Big Fish honours with his 5.28lbs. Largie!!!
Coming in second was the team of Terry & Lee with a weight of 14.00lbs. even.
And rounding out the podium was the team of Andrew & Richard weighing 13.82lbs. of Muskoka smallies, as well as the Big smallie at 3.32lbs.

Round # 3... Sparrow Lake !!!

Tough day for most...but the team of Greg & Adam found them just fine! Taking the top spot with 14.70lbs. as well as both, the BIG Smallie and BIG Largie of the day...that was also the overall BIG FISH weighing 4.44lbs.
Taking the second podium spot was the Father & Son team of Eric & Craig weighing 11.12lbs.
And rounding out the top three was Teddy, with a weight of 9.75lbs.

Round # 2... Tri-Lakes !!!

Less than stellar weights were found due to the repeated beatings the system endured with that FMZ's earlier opening... but some decent bass visited the scales none the less.
Taking first was Marc with a weight of 12.84lbs. that also included the tournies BIG FISH, a 4.01lbs. largie.
Coming in second was the team of Andrew & Travis with a weight of 11.79lbs.
And rounding out the top three was Jim & Adam, weighing in 10.19lbs.

FINALLY !!! The 2021 Season Starts !!!

After much re-scheduling and re-scheduling....our 2021 season finally got off the ground!!! Or should we say...Hit the water!!! Andrew fishing with his guest Marco were able to top the field and take the win with 14.60lbs. as well as the tournies BIG Smallie weighing in at 3.22lbs. for the Bonus points.
Taking down the next spot was the "Father & Son" team of Ron & Jarrett, who weighed 13.04lbs. including the BIG FISH of the tourney...a Largemouth that went 4.22lbs. for the points and CASH !!!
Rounding out the top three was the team of Terry & Lee who weighed 11.28lbs.

Keeping The Hooks Sharp!!!

Some of the "South Simcoe Bassmasters" crew keeping, not only the Hooks Sharp!!! But them selves as well by giving the Beat Down to some Toothy Critters and some Perch. (Pictured from L-R)
Joshua D., Lee M. , Travis W. and club prez. Eric M.

2020 Award Winners!!!

Terry C. 2020 Angler of The Year.

Adam O. & Mike L----Club Classic Champions 2020

Adam O. & Mike L. ---HEAVYWEIGHT BAG OF 2020

Ron & Jarrett T.----- Father & Son Team Champions 2020

Andrew M. ------- HEAVYWEIGHT LARGEMOUTH WINNER   6.00 lbs.

Six Mile Lake Turned out to be a "Feisty One" !!!

It seems as everyone had a story or two about the "big ones getting off"!!!
But Teddy managed to corall enough for the WIN. Including the days BIG FISH !!! 
A 4.16 lbs. Smallie!!!
Taking down the runner up spot...yet again was Greg....only a couple of ounces back.
And rounding up the winners circle was the team of Terry & Richard, who won BPS GIFT CARDS!

Georgian Bay Always Produces Quality !!!

Several Teams had the "Magical Three Pound Average"...which in Tournament Talk is GREAT ! ! !
But it was Eugene and Lee taking down the WIN with a weight of 9.60lbs. as well as the tournies Big Fish...
A Largemouth weighing in at 3.98lbs. This was also Eugene's second WIN out of three could say....he's on a bit of a ROLL!!!
Taking down second place...and only a couple of ounces back was the team of Mike & Joshua weighing
their three fish limit for 9.56lbs.
And rounding up the top three was Greg ...weighing in at 9.00lbs. even.
Congrats to all the winners!!!
Onto Six Mile Lake next !!!

Club Classic Rocks And Rolls On Moody Simcoe!!!

Although the wind and rain made it seem like attending a "Rock & Roll" event

with the "ON" again, and "ON" again....and "ON" again.....wind and rain.....some very nice bags of both Smallies and Largies were weighed in at our "On-Water Weigh-In".

Taking down his 3rd Club Classic...and 2nd consecutively was Adam O. who was paired up with new member Mike L.

They not only had the winning bag of smallies....but also the Big Fish of the tourny...a Monster Smallie that weighed in at 5.82lbs. Giving them a total of 16.52lbs. for the WIN!!!

Taking down second with a mixed bag was the "Father & Son" Team of Ron T. & Jarrett T. also with a very respectable weight of 15.24lbs.

And rounding up the "Cash" paybacks(Via E-Transfers) were another Father & Son Team of Giancarlo L. & Alessandro L. weighing in another decent mixed bag  for 14.26lbs.

The prize-packs of "TNT" Lurepacks were snapped up by Terry C. & Joshua D. weighing in 12.64lbs.

Adam O. with their Big Fish of the Day !!!

Balsam Lake Event !!! In the Books !!!

A BIG Congratulations to the Team of Eugene F. & Paul P. on a very nice mixed Bag of Largies and Smallies to take down the WIN!!! In our first event of the year, weighing in a very impressive bag at 15.88lbs. and also taking the Big Fish Honours with a 4.36lbs. Largie!!!

Taking down 2nd was Greg O. with a nice bag of well as the Big Smallie of the Tourny weighing in at 3.84lbs.

And rounding out the podium was the Father & Son Team of Peter & Jim M.

The fishing was unusually tough, and conditions ranged from windy and blustery to outright sweltering hot!!!

Congrats to that weighed in fish!!! As we had 0 Fish Die !!!

Well done everyone!

Congratulations to Greg O. on another Amazing AOY Title !!!

Annual Poker Tourny a Huge Success !!!


A BIG Congratulations to Kevin "Poker Pilot" for taking the WIN in our annual fundraiser !!!

He also won the BOUNTY by taking out last years winner !!!

And a HUGE THANK YOU to the York Region Poker League, and it's members for their support from day one !!!! It wouldn't be possible without their continued support!!!

As well as a HUGE thanks to the administrators, and directors of the league....who go above and beyond to help us make our fundraiser the success that it is !!!

Also a BIG Thank You to club's two VP's, and Treasurer who worked their perspective tails off to make it happen.

With everyone helping we were able to collect over 330lbs. of donated food items earmarked for the Newmarket Food well as raise some much needed cash !!!

Also a BIG Thank You to Judy from the Pantry who was on hand to thank the club and the Poker League for their efforts !!!

A great night of some good fun !!! And some great luck!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated !!!

Georgian Bay Roundup !!!

Even though Georgian Bay remains a three fish per person limit, the fishing is still pretty incredible !

Greg O.(Mr. Consistency) took yet another win with over a three pound average, taking second was one of the youngest club members....Peter M. with just under a three pound average, but also had the tournies biggest fish, a 4.69 lbs, largie, and rounding out the top three was Ron T. just ounces back.

 Peter M. with his "Big Bucket" !


 Ron T. With his "Georgian Gold " !

Couch Was Really Stingy !!!

Only one limit was weighed in....and turned out it won the tourny !!

As Lake Couchiching was unusually stingy!

Only two other anglers even managed to catch any fish at all, and wound up in 2nd and 3rd respectivley.

The winning weight was 13.44 lbs.

The Big Fish was a 3.54 lbs. smallmouth

Chilly Sparrow Lake Gives Up Some Nice Smallies !!!

Guest angler Quinton T. managed a very respectable bag of smallies weighing 14.94 lbs. As well as the tournies Big Fish, also a smallie weighing 4.12 lbs. for the win at our final tourny of the season.

Taking 2nd was Greg O. weighing 10.60 lbs.

And rounding up the top three was Teddy G. with 9.44 lbs.

Lake of Bays....Summery !

Although the weights were very close among the top three.....most everyone had a fish tale or two about the big one that got away !

For was their first time on the expansive lake...and the largies were more difficult to find, the smallmouth more than made up for it.

As only two largies were brought to the weigh-scales with the rest being smallies.

And most reported that the smallies here had quite the "attitude" only reaffirming that they are in fact "the gamest fish that swims".

Greg O. managed yet another win...even though he slept in, (hey, when your good-your good) taking second was Ron T. less than a quarter pound behind, and rounding out third was GC Lisi also just under a four ounces back....but he did manage the Big Fish of the tourny...a beautiful 4.50 lbs. smallie.

Team Championship Event...Sort of a Family Affair !!!

Our 2018 Team Championship Event took us to The World Famous Bay Of Quinte. Going out of Bellville, and with only eight hours to figure things out.

Well it looks like some figured better than some others !

And is it any coincidence that all the top teams were related ?

Proving that working together does indeed bring better results !

Taking the win was the brother combo of Greg & Adam O. with some very healthy largemouth weighing in at 15.36 lbs.

Coming in second was the father & son team of Giancarlo & Alessandro L. also with a very nice bag of largies weighing 13.84 lbs.

And rounding out the top three was another father & son team, Henry & Keegan W. weighing in 11.96 lbs of largemouth.

Congrats to all the winners !!!


  Adam & Greg  15.36 lbs.- Giancarlo & Alessandro  13.84 lbs.- Henry & Keegan  11.96 lbs.


Cameron Lake !  Season Opener  !

Taking advantage of the "earlier"BASS season opener in the Kawartha Region of Ontario, the South Simcoe Club headed east.

Taking the win with a respectable 13.70 lbs. of Smallmouth was guest angler Matt S.

Taking down second place was Greg O. weighing in 10.32 lbs. mixed bag.

And rounding out third was Marc C. with 9.90 lbs. as well as the tourny Big Fish, a 4.44 lbs. Largemouth.

Matt & Ted also took the "Team Bonus" award as well as the Bonus Bucks !

2018 Fundraiser Poker Tournament = WIN, WIN, WIN ! ! !


We had 46 participants come out for some great fun, and great luck at our annual "No Limit Hold'M Texas Poker Tournament" to try and raise some cash and food items for the Newmarket Food Pantry. It turned out to be a great success with the added support of the York Region Poker League and it's members helping out. As an added incentative, we asked that any player bringing at least two non-perishable food items would receive an additional $500 CHIP ! And we asked that all registrants "guess the total weight" of the food donated...and that the closest to the total, without going over would win $100. Ironically it was Larry S. last years defending Champ that guessed 200 lbs. and the actual weight was 220 lbs. Larry also put a "Bounty" of $50 on his own head....out of his own pocket !!!  Very generous of him ! And Thank you! 

As well as meeting our financial goal of a Cash donation, we were also able to collect over 200 lbs. in food, and Kirk B. from the pantry was kind enough to drop by and personally make the pick-up, sparing us having to make the delivery.

A great dinner was served by the Deli House Catering at the break....and then it was down to the "serious poker" for the next several hours, and very professionally run by the York Region Poker League's Tournament Directors, Sanjaya W. and Jason M.

When the dust had settled.... two club members were among the final table, last years runner up, Eric M. and the previous years winner, Marc C. to battle it out with YRPL's own Sanjaya W.

Marc C. ended up with the coveted Champions Trophy, with Sanjaya finishing the runner up, and Eric rounding up the top three.

It was a great night of fun and luck....especially for a friday the 13th.....

And a HUGE Thank You to all the YRPL members that came out,as well as to the Poker League itself.....BEST in the area !!! As well as to our own members, Teddy, Frank and Eric who worked very hard to make things come together. And also to Kirk B. from the pantry for making things very easy for us.

Thanks again to everyone involved !!!

Next Year....Bigger & Better !!! 


2018 Fundraiser To Benefit "Newmarket Food Pantry"


It's Poker Tourny Fundraiser time again ! And again we're partnering with the "Very Professional Services" of The York Region Poker League at the Deli House Catering.

This year our efforts are geared to help the "Newmarket Food Pantry" and in the "Spirit" of giving....

Any player bringing at least TWO(2) Non-parishable Food Items will receive an additional $500 CHIP.

We'll also be"Weighing-In" all the donations "a la" bass weigh-in style....just for fun !!!

So come one, come all for some great fun, and hopefully some great luck!!!

Further Details are available at (see links page)

Or you can contact us directly through here.

Balsam makes a Quadruple ! For Greg !!!!

Well since Greg O. has been on "FIRE" of late....It was only fitting that he lock up his 4th consecutive win.....even though it was by the smallest of margins over 2nd place finnisher Peter M. Rounding out 3rd, was a guest angler Chris.

The HEAVYWEIGHT largie of the year was also taken over by Peter with his 3.91 lbs-er, but the heavyweight smallie remined intact at 5.36lbs....comming out of Simcoe


 Greg O. with a couple of beauties !!!


Six Mile Lake = Three In a Row !!!

Well Greg O. took down his third win in a row !!!

In less than "great" conditions to the weather had swung by over 15*C overnight, going from the low thirties to the high teens.

He nonetheless was able to put together a very respectable mixed bag, including the tournies big fish a 3.62lbs smallie, as well as the big largie of the day at 3.32lbs.

Taking second with a small limit was Marc C. weighing 8.88lbs.

And third went Jarrod...a guest fishing with a club member.



 Greg O. with  two of his good'uns !!!

Lake Muskoka...Tough, Tough, Tough !!!

Lake Muskoka proved to be a tough cookie to crack this only four, five bass limits were weighed....and all smallmouth!

Although Greg O. did manage to find some nice ones, including the tournies big fish, a 3.24lbs smallie for the win.

Taking second was Marc C. with a weight of 11.90lbs.

Rounding out in third place was Teddy G. weighing 10.22lbs.


 Greg O. with a couple of his nice ones !

Couch / Simcoe = BIG SMALLIES !

Although it was a very COLD start to the day....with the temp being 7*C in the morning....the smallie fishing was very HOT....for some !

Greg took the win with 15.76 lbs. mixed bag, that included a 4.56 lbs. smallie.

Taking second was Pete with 15.36 lbs. with only four fish !  But they were all BIG Smallies !

Rounding out in third was Marc with 14.66 lbs. also a mixed bag.

Big Fish honours went to Teddy with a 5.36 lbs. smallie !


Little Lake / G.Pool Brutal !!!

A brutal bite was had by everyone....

GC Lisi was the eventual winner with 4.96 lbs. for the three fish he weighed.

The weather seemed to change every twenty minutes....or so, as did the wind direction.

The rain gear got a better work-out than the fishing gear !

Canal Lake Very, Very Stingy !!

Although it was a beautiful day....Canal Lake wasn't so generous.

Only one limit was weighed....and as it turned out, won the tourny, weighing only 8.92 lbs

Taking 2nd was GC Lisi with four fish weighing 6.86 lbs

And rounding out 3rd was Ron with 6.52 lbs that included the tournies Big Fish at 2.82 lbs LM

Limits for everyone In Team Championship Event !

Although all the Teams fishing our "Team Championship Event" caught tons and tons of seemed the Big ones were hiding out for most, but all the teams did manage to weigh in their five fish limits.

Taking the win were Marc & Jeremy weighing 16.61 lbs. Including the Big Fish at 3.12 lbs.

Coming in 2nd was the Team of Teddy & Eric weighing in 10.04 lbs,

And rounding out in 3rd was the father & son Team of Henry & Keegan weighing in 9.81 lbs.

Great Night of Poker Tourny Fun ! ! !

Well for only the second time since we started running our "Poker Tourny" Fundraiser has a club member won it !!

This year it was Eric M. (club VP) agreeing to a chop with one of the  York Region Poker League's  finest players, Larry S. Although Larry also negotiated that he get the "coveted winners trophy !!!

A great night of "FUN" and "LUCK" was had by all who attended !!

Special thanks to the Deli House Catering for the delicious dinner, and also special thanks to the tournament director for always running a great event.

We were able to make a sizable donation to the Big Brothers & Sisters of York Region.

Thanks to everyone that was able to come out !!



Poker Fundraiser To Support Big Brothers & Sisters of York Region !!!

Once again partnering up "YRPL" To Host !!

Friday April 21....Cards Fly at 7:00 PM

All the other detals can be found at....

We hope to make it a SELLOUT This year !!!

Ron T. "Runs the Table" at Sparrow !

Ron T. not only won the tourny as a co-angler, weighing in 10.84lbs....but also took his third consecutive BIG FISH award with a 3.35lbs Smallie....and to boot....also snagged the Bonus Bucks award !

Taking down second place was Greg O. The 2016 Angler of the Year ! With a pretty fantastic season!

And rounding out third was Teddy G. weighing in 9.67lbs bag of smallies

 Ron T. with a couple of his winning fish !!

Balsam (Wind) Blast !

Being October 1st....nobody expected the weather to be in the eighties....but neither should it have been "Floater Suit" Cold !!!  And Windy !!!

But as usual...someone finds them....and it was Greg O. again coming in with a very respectable mixed bag weighing in at 14.90lbs. 

Taking second was a guest angler, Quinton t. weighing 11.57lbs.

And rounding out third was Greg O's Co-Angler, Peter M. weighing in 11.15lbs

Ron T. again took Big Fish Honours with his 4.47lbs largie....which is the largest largie weighed in to date this far!!!

Couchiching Showdown !

Although somewhat windy, some nice bags were brought to the weigh scales on what is "traditionally" the best time of year to be on Lake Couchiching.

Greg O. managed a very nice bag of largies weighing in at 14.13lbs. for the win.

Marc C. took down second with a bag of smallies weighing in at 13.51lbs.

And rounding out third was Teddy G. weighing 11.77lbs.

Ron T. took Big Fish honours with a largie weighing 4.34lbs.

Canal Lake Extremely STINGY !!!

Canal Lake proved to be extremely STINGY on this no one was able to come up with a limit of 5 bass....and some even zeroed !!

Taking 1st place was Marc C. weighing in four, and the tournies Big Fish, a Largemouth weighing 3.92 lbs for a total of 9.39 lbs.

In 2nd was Frank C. with a weight of 6.78 lbs,as well as the 2nd biggest bass weighing 3.70 lbs, and rounding out in the Money was Ron T. weighing in 5.90 lbs.

Maybe the Bite was so off because of what Greg O. caught....a 20-25 lbs Muskie !!!


Smallies RULE Again...On Georgian Bay This time !

Fishing in only his 3rd ever Tourny...and one of the clubs youngest members, Peter M. took the win in dramatic fashion with 10.93 lbs. of smallies, and almost had the Big Fish award as well with his 3.93 lbs. smallie for his Three Fish Limit.

Taking 2nd and the Big Fish award was Greg O. weighing an impressive 9.68 lbs. Bag of smallies as well as the Big Fish at 4.18 lbs.

Rounding out the winners was Adam O. also with an impressive bag of  smallies, weighing in 9.37 lbs. for his 3rd place finnish , and his big one weighed in at 3.62 lbs.

2016 Team Championship Event,Dominated With Smallies!

The "Team Event" Champions of Greg O. & Teddy G. brought in a very impressive bag of 5 smallies weighing 18.60 lbs. and also took the Big Fish Award with a 4.96 lbs Smallie.

Taking Second was the Team of Frank & Eric, weighing a mixed bag for 13.98 lbs.,including the Big Largie of the tourny at 4.01 lbs.

And rounding out the "Moneymakers" was Adam & Ron weighing a nice bag of smallies for 13.72 lbs.


Poker Fundraiser Has a First !

We again retained the services of the "York Region Poker League" to assist us in our Fundraiser....This year it was for the Barrie Shelter For Women & Children.....and due to the success of the Texas No Limit Tourny, we were able to donate $600 to the Shelter !

And our first was that an actual South Simcoe member won the tourny outright !  Woohoo !

We hope to continue with various activities to raise funds and awareness in our community, to hopefully help out in whatever small way we can.




2015 Bass Bits ! ! !

A grand total of 255 bass were brought to the weigh-in scales for 2016 !

Weighing in for 547.97 total  lbs !

Largemouth accounted for 131, and  124 were smallmouth.

All were LIVE Released except for 5....(4 smallies and 1 largie didn't make it back)

Congratulations to the membership on their EXCELLENT FISH CARE !!!


Windy and Exceptionally Cold....Six Mile Lake ! ! !

J-Pro took down our last tourny of the year on an exceptionally COLD and windy October day.

Weighing in 14.52lbs of mixed bag for the win!

Taking second was Marc with 12.23lbs...also a mixed bag.

And rounding out third place was guest Quinton weighing in 10.28lbs

The "Team Weight" award went to J-pro & Johnny with a combined weight of 23.55lbs.

And the Big Fish award was also taken by a guest, Dean weighed a 4.55lbs LM

Lake Muskoka Dishes Some Nasty Fishing Weather !

Marc C. managed a small limit of smallies weighing 10.06lbs to squeak out another win....but it seems as if the weather actually beat everyone !

With pelting rain from Blast-Off to Weigh-In....mixed in with some very high winds, we've all certainly been out in better!

The Big Bass honours went to Jeremy G. with a 3.55lbs Smallmouth

Greg O. Wraps up 2nd Win of the Season on Sparrow !

It seems that Greg O. liked winning so much....he did it again on Sparrow Lake... this time.

Weighing in a limit of largies for 12.10lbs, as well as the Big Bass of the day....a 3.54lbs largie....beating out his brother Adam for Big Bass honours by a mere .001 of a pound!


Mike C. "Schools The Field" on former "Home Lake" !

Mike C. fishing as a Co-Angler managed to put together the biggest bag of the day, while putting his Boater partner on some very nice bass also.

Weighing in a limit of largies for 17.68lbs, as well as tying his boater for the Big Bass of the day....a beautiful 4.62lbs Largie!

While his boater, Bruce E. took down 2nd with a very nice bag also...weighing in at 15.81lbs. also with a 4.62lbs Largie !

Mike's family had been cottaging on Lake Dalrymple for a number of years...and mike put that knowledge to some very good use !

Big Smallies Hibernating ??? On Simcoe ???

Marc C. managed to squeak out the win on Simcoe with 12.40lbs of largies, as well as the Big Bass of the day...a 4.04lbs Largie....

 As it seemed like the big smallies were in hibernation...and playing "hard to get" as the days biggest smallie only weighed 3.55lbs

Greg O. gets his 1st Win ! On G.Pool

Consistently a top finnisher...Greg O. finally takes down his 1st Win of the season, with a nice bag of largies on a pretty "slow bite" day on the "Pool".

Weighing in 10.88lbs as well as the days Big Bass at 2.93lbs.

Bruce E. Takes Down Balsam !

Newest member Bruce E. took the win on his own "Custom Made" and Wickedly painted baits....check them out at ""

He weighed in a 14.70lbs mixed bag...that also included the tourny's Big Fish, a 4.74lbs Smallie.

Georgian Bay...Quality Fish Factory ! ! !

Wow ! What a "Quality Fish Factory"

All the top placing anglers weighed well above a three pound average!

With almost a half dozen fish weighing at over four pounds !

In first place was Marc C. weighing 13.70lbs, and also taking the Big Fish award with a 4.94lbs LM

Second was Jay F. with 11.85lbs, and also took the "Team" Bonus, fishing with Craig M.

And rounding out third place was Darcy H. weighing a respectable 9.96lbs


TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP...Season Opener 2015 !

The "TEAM" of Jay F. & Eric M. took top honours of the 2015 Season Opener held on Rice Lake with a respectable bag of 14.49lbs of well as the Big Fish of the tourny with a 4.47lbs smallie.

Taking second place was Adam O. & Mike C. with a mixed bag of 4 largies and a smallie for a total of 13.72lbs

And rounding out the Payouts in third was Johnny L. & Neal F. with 11.87lbs




Conservation Signs Going Up !!!






Some Interesting "This & That" From 2014 Season...

26 FREE TOURNAMENT Entries given out...for a Total Value of  $1,300

Cash Awards Paid Out In 2014 Exceeded  $3,275

 Some other Membership Perks, Included the Club picking up the Tab for all the Taxes, Shipping Fees and Set-Up Fees in regards to our Jersey Orders...

There were a total of  194 Largemouth Weighed In...With Three being over 5lbs, and 1 over 6lbs !

There were a Total  of  96 Smallmouth Weighed In...With the Biggest being 4.76lbs....

Of the 290 Total bass weighed....only 7 didn't make it back to the lakes....

Lake Dalrymple...Finale !

With the forcast calling for rain and winds of up to was decided to switch our final tourny of the year to a smaller...and safer lake...instead of trying to fight Mother Nature, and Rice Lake.

Even though the winds took their toll on the eventual winners troll motor....Johnny L still managed a very nice bag of largies weighing 17.23lbs, including the tournies Big Fish at 5.30lbs.

2nd place went to Marc C. weighing the days only other limit of five bass, at 12.66lbs.

And in third with a very nice weight of 9.83lbs...considering he only had three fish was Mike C.

South Simcoe VS. Port Perry...Well Sort of........

Well it was supposed to have been the 5th annual Challenge between our Clubs...With Port Perry holding a 3-1 advantage thus far...But I think they may have seen the writing on the wall for this one...they must have smelled the coffee...and were none too pleased...and took the option of the last minute !

It was a wise tactic on their South Simcoe showed up..all guns a blazing...or should I say...all rods a hook settin...and for the 11 boats that came for the conquest, a total of 104.67lbs. of fish were brought to the scales...with our 1st place winners of John Pi fishing with his Son Micheal Pi weighing a very impressive bag of Muskoka Gold for 15.69lbs....followed by the team of Marc C & Craig M weighing in an even 15.00lbs, that included the tournies Big Fish, a MONSTER LARGEMOUTH weighing at 6.31lbs...and in 3rd was also an impressive bag of smallies that weighed 13.69lbs, brought in by Mauro D & Johnny L, as well as four other teams had well over a 2lbs average.

But to show our "NICE" side we'll only put our top 5 weights on the coveted Trophy...of 68.95lbs....maybe even have your last years weight

Although we were also supposed to have a BBQ....maybe we'll be even hungrier next year!

Top Three Teams...(Left to Right) Michael & John Pi,  Marc C.& Craig M.,  Mauro D. & Johnny L. 

Group Shot !!! After the SWEET TASTE OF VICTORY !!!

G.Pool...What a Surprise...More Rain & Rain & Rain !!!

Well one would think with the amount of rain we had for our Big Chute event a month would've been enough to last us a season...but Mother Nature had other plans....not only did it rain from blast-off to just before weigh-in...but she also threw in a severe cold front, with some portions of lake only registering a mere 60'F...and it's still only mid-september!!!

And lets not forget the "wonderful wind" blowing at a steady clip of 25kmh or more for the entire day out of the NorthEast...

So needless to say...the conditions were slightly less than desirable...but bass anglers, and especially "Tournament Anglers" being as resilient as they are still managed to find some nice fish, and get them to the weigh scales.

Taking first place with a respectable weight of 15.19lbs, that also included the tournies Big Fish, a 4.94lbs largie... was Marc C.

2nd place went to Henry W. with a nice limit of largies weighing in at 13.29, including a couple of clone beauties coming in at 3.75lbs, and 3.78lbs.

And taking 3rd was J-Pro also with a limit of largies...weighing in at 12.16lbs, and also included a nice 3.25lbs largie.


 Henry W. with his 3.75lbs. & 3.78lbs. beauty largies.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ! ! !

Well the gauntlet's been thrown...not only have a couple of our own members already taken the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...namely Mike C. and Marc C. with possibly more to follow....

But the club has made a $100 donation for the honour of nominating three of the HEAVYWEIGHTS within the Ontario Fishing Industry...those being Mr.Reno Viola of, Mr. Angelo Viola of and Mr. Gord Pyzer of, hopefully they'll be good sports about it, and produce some fantastic videos...that we hope to be able to post later....

For the time being....keep an eye on our Facebook page..."southsimcoebass" for all the updates !!!


Thank You...From ALS CANADA.

Dear South Simcoe Bassmasters


Thank You for your participating in the "Ice Bucket Challenge" and making a donation to ALS CANADA.

The outpouring of support we have received from Canadians from all over the country has been transformative to the ALS community, ALS Canada and the ALS provincial societies. Thanks to you, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), is no longer an unknown disease.

Over the past three weeks, our offices have received many calls from families living with ALS. They share their stories with a profound sense of gratitude and thanks. We pass this message along to you, from Melanie York, an ALS Canada board member living with this disease:

Please know that the impact of your contribution will make a difference. The funds raised through the "Ice Bucket Challenge" for ALS will be shared amongst ALS Canada and various ALS provincial societies.

Across Canada, each provincial ALS society provides support and services for people and their families living with ALS. Together, we are with families through this very difficult journey. Your contribution will also go to support the leading, ALS Canada Research Program-bringing together top Canadian researchers in collaboration through our annual research conference and providing valuable grants to work towards finding a treatment for ALS.

We also provide a national voice for the ALS societies across Canada as we advocate for changes to better support Canadians and their families dealing with this devastating disease.

To learn more about these initiatives please visit

On behalf of the entire team at ALS Canada and the ALS provincial societies, Thank You for your generous gift.



Tammy Moore,

Interim CEO ALS Canada


Rumble In The Rain & Rain & Rain...At Big Chute !

Well to say it was a "WET EVENT" would be a gross understatement!

So with the drenching aside....some pretty decent catches made it to the weigh-in...

Taking first place with his first tourney win of the season was none other than Greg O. South Simcoe's newest member,  with a nice bag of four largies and one smallie, that weighed in at 14.17lbs. and  also included the Big Fish of the tourney at 3.92lbs. make it back to back Big Fish awards...nicely done!

Second place went to J-Pro with five largies for 12.52lbs...who also won this years "Team Championship Event" earlier this year.

And in a very small margin was South Simcoe's reigning AOY Jay F. weighing in 12.29lbs with three largies and two smallies...

And Jay brought out his brother Tanner as a guest...and they also won the "Team Weight" portion of the tourney...

 Winner Greg O. With a couple of TOADS from his winning bag !


SIMCOE...In The Books !

The ridiculous "MONSTER WEIGHTS" didn't show is the custom on Lake Simcoe,but they were nonetheless respectable, as no one goose-egged.

Traversing the BIG lake was a joy...until the cruisers came out to which point, common sense was a requirement...if you didn't want to get beat up too bad!

Taking first place was the brother duo of Marc C. & Carlo C. with a weight of 17.21 lbs. of largies, followed by Darcy H. & Jeremy G. with a respectable bag of smallies weighing at 14.85 lbs. that included a 4.76lbs beauty ! And taking solo was Greg O. with 14.66lbs. of largies...that included the Big Fish of the day a 5.21lbs gorgeous specimen of a Largemouth!

We would like to send a "HUGE THANK YOU !!!  To the management and staff  of BOSTON PIZZA, Keswick for the use of their facility....and for the EXCELLENT FOOD and SERVICE we received....THANK YOU !!!


 Greg O. with his 5.21lbs. Big Fish !

2014 TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT.....A Real Nail Biter ! !

There was just over a 2 ounce difference between First and Second at our 2014 Team Championship Event, held on Six Mile Lake.....a real nail biter....right to the end !!!

But the Team of J-Pro & Jeremy G. prevailed with a weight of 13.96lbs for the eventual win, and all the spoils that go with it, including Championship plaques, and a very hefty payday!

The Second place Team of "Reigning Angler of The Year" Jay F. & Greg O. weighed an impressive weight of 13.78lbs for a very nice payday also !

 And in Third place came last years Team Championship winner Johnny L & Neal F. with a weight of 12.11lbs, also for a pleasant payday!

BIG FISH of the day went to the team of J-Blaze & Mike C. with a beautiful 4.02lbs Largemouth Bass.



 Weigh-In Takes place....where EVERY EFFORT is made to insure the Fish are released ALIVE !


New BASS Conservation Signs !

The NEW BASS Conservation signs are now available....

To reflect the different season openings in various FMZ (Fisheries Management Zones)...

We had them made up to be able to be put up in various FMZ' blocking out one date or the other....

And also any club or other organization can get them from us with "YOUR OWN LOGO" on them!

Anyone interested can contact us through our website, for pricing and quantity's.




South Simcoe Bassmasters & York Region Poker League "TEAM EFFORT" Nets Fantastic Results For All ! ! !



The 3rd annual South Simcoe Bassmasters "No Limit Texas Hold'M" Poker Tournament Fundraiser was a WIN, WIN, WIN for all involved !

We were able to raise $500 for a Great organization like Big Brothers & Big Sisters of North Durham...and hopefully that helps put some smiles on some of the "Littles" faces !

We were also able to raise a little extra to help us with our youth and conservation programs.

As well as treating almost 50 people to a great night of Poker....which would of been impossible, without the amazing work that the York Region Poker League put into the event.

A huge THANK YOU to Rocky, Sang, Jason and Marryanne for making things run smoothly...and also to Larry for DEALING for the FINAL TABLE !

Also a BIG SHOUT OUT to the "DELI HOUSE CATERING" in Newmarket for a fantastic dinner!

And lastly...A HUGE THANK YOU to all the members of both, The York Region Poker League, and The South Simcoe Bassmasters for coming out and supporting our fundraiser!

Congratulations to all the winners ! And especially to Jason "PITA PIT" for taking the Champions title...and Prestigous Trophy !



The South Simcoe Bassmaster Club would like to invite out anyone interested in playing a

"PROFESSIONAL TYPE" Texas Hold'm Poker Tournament. Just like you see on TV !

It will again be run by the great people from the YORK REGION POKER LEAGUE...

We have booked it for FRIDAY MAY 2, 2014....Cards fly at 7:00 PM

As this will be our only FUNDRAISER for 2014....we hope to see plenty of NEW FACES !

In the past, with the funds we have been able to raise, we've been able to help out with

some very worthy causes and programs.....such as...








So we hope to have a "FULL HOUSE" to be able to continue to help our community !

All the details can be found at

If anyone has any comments or concerns....please feel free to contact us !

Christmas Party & Awards Night ! ! !

It was a great night had by all, capped off with the awards presentation to all of the 2013 winners......

Congratulations go to............................................................................................................


JAY F....................................................................................................ANGLER OF THE YEAR


Frank C. & Johnny L.............................................................................TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP


Johnny "BLAZE".......................................................................................HEAVYWEIGHT BAG


Darcy H....................................................................................HEAVYWEIGHT SMALLMOUTH


Marc C......................................................................................HEAVYWEIGHT LARGEMOUTH


2013 Season Wrap-up !

CONGRATULATIONS TO JAY F. on winning the "ANGLER OF THE YEAR" award for 2013 with a very consistant season!

And also to Frank C. & Johnny L. on their "TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP" win.

Also congrats go out to Johnny Blaze on his "HEAVYWEIGHT BAG" of the year!

As well to Darcy H. on his "HEAVYWEIGHT SMALLMOUTH" of the year, and Marc C. on his "HEAVYWEIGHT LARGEMOUTH" of the year.


Although was another great season....some notes of interest.....

620.87 lbs of BASS weighed in...

274    total BASS  weighed in...

173  Largemouth

101 Smallmouth

3   Didn't make it back to the water....


The other  271  were all safely be enjoyed AGAIN...on another day !

Port Perry Bassmasters go up 3 - 1  ! ! !

Well another "CHALLENGE TOURNY" has come and gone.....and unfortunatley...we wound up loosing yet another challenge by just over 7 lbs.

Even though everyone came in with their five fish limits....theirs were just a little bigger.

So this means that we get to pick the lake again next year....we're thinking maybe Lake Winnepeg....or maybe James Bay for our 5th annnual Challenge Tourny ! ! !

A great time was had by all...hanging around telling "fish tales" during the BBQ....the food was was the company!

So a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the Port Perry Bassmasters on their 3rd Challenge Tourny Win

Well at least one of our own....Johnny PRO won the draw for the $300 BBQ !


South Simcoe  VS  Port Perry  Challenge.

In 2010 the Gauntlet was thrown between our perspective clubs......and it's been GAME ON for the last three seasons....

 The way the "CHALLENGE TOURNY" works is that each club fishes with their own members as a Team, so the top three, four or five teams have their  weights  added, and the Top weight WINS ! , not only do they get to hold on to the VERY prestigous CHALLENGE TROPHY, and BRAGGING rights for the year.....but the losing club also has to pony up $250 cold hard ones!

Port Perry Bassmasters having won the inaugurial event held on Balsam Lake squeaked out the first Challenge Tourny......and based on mutual agreement.....the LOOSERS....US, got to pick the lake for the 2011 challenge, se we made them haul all the way up to G.Pool where we handily WON the Trophy for our First time...on a very cold wet miserable windy day.

For 2012 the Port Perry Club made us haul all the way out to Lake Seymour so that they could administer a "good old fashioned butt whoopin".....on the positive we introduced a BBQ at the event where one club provides the BBQ and condements, and does all the cooking while the other club supplies the was a huge most anglers stayed till sundown.

As the loosers...yet again, we have selected Big Chute as the site of the 2013 Challenge, in hopes of tying things up, and as an added BONUS, South Simcoe will be purchasing a very nice BBQ....using it ONE TIME.....and then raffeling it off to the competitors at the end of the day....hopefully the Port Perry Club brings some good eats!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Feb 15 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday, Mar 15 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday, Apr 19 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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